About Q-AOS Symposium 2021 / Programm

Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies(Q-AOS) Symposium 2021
“Past, Present and Future of the City - What does the next 100 years look like?”
October 13th(Wed) 13:00~16:30 JST
October 14th(Thu) 10:00~17:35 JST
Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies(Q-AOS)

"Past, Present and Future of the City - What does the next 100 years look like?"

The SDGs Sustainable Design Goals were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, and 193 member countries and regions pledged to achieve them by 2030. Over the next 30 years, 70% of the world's urban population will live in cities, and there are concerns about the rise of various social and environmental problems. Therefore, this symposium looks at the past, present, and future of "cities" based on the common understanding that efforts at the city / region level are indispensable for achieving the SDGs, and for ensuring sustainability over the next 100 years.

On the first day, prominent experts will come together to present strategies and challenges that will lead to the sustainability of cities in the Asia-Oceania region.

On the second day, in addition to invited lectures from not only researchers but also practitioners, interdisciplinary and integrated discussions will be held by researchers from different fields through group presentations.

The focus of the symposium explores the roles that we can play. Strategies and technologies that can help curb the amplification of current social and environmental problems in the Asia-Oceania region will be presented through interdisciplinary perspectives offered by researchers from different fields.

Program Details:
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【Invited Speeches】
●October 13th (Wed) Time Table:DAY1
「Carbon Neutral for House, Building, and City」
Professor Shin-ichi Tanabe, Department of Architecture, Waseda University
「Management for Lively Landscape ~Toward Sustainable City~」
Professor Koichi Kana, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University
●October 14th (Thu) Time Table:DAY2
「Next Generation Smart City Design Aiming for "Society 5.0"」
Professor Atsushi Deguchi, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo
「Diversity in Architecture」
Mr. Shohei Shigematsu, Partner of OMA / Director of OMA New York
「Smart Wellness Housing National Project to achieve SDGs」
Professor Toshiharu Ikaga, Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
「Towards a more just, green and healthy future (tentative)」
 Mr. Laxman Perera, Senior Officer, UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

【Group Sessions on October 14th】
Theme 1:Urban & Building Environment and Energy
Time Table: Theme 1

Theme 2:Revisiting Shoei Yoh: Digital Preservation and Architectural Archiving
Time Table: Theme 2

Theme 3:Political Economy of Bangkok Mega-Region: Movements Elections and Waste Management
Time Table: Theme 3

Theme 4:Urban Planning & Design
Time Table: Theme 4

Theme 5:Consider on SDGs Policies through Comparing Japan and Korea
Time Table: Theme 5

Theme 6:Sustainability in Asia and Oceania, and Inclusiveness in the Food and Transportation Sectors
Time Table: Theme 6
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Deadline:October 8th (Fri) October 11th (Mon)AM
Registration Limit:500 people
Admission Fee:Free
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